Individual Microdose Guidance and Mindset Coaching

Whether you’re facing adversity, challenges, or just looking to improve in an area of your life, Brionna will support you in discovering what you need through her method of subconscious reset and core value integration with the support of microdosing psilocybin.

Brionna is taking a stand for the medicine of psilocybin, as a licensed professional and white woman. She believes in preserving the deep rooted culture and history this medicine originated from within the Indigenous Cultures.

Which is why she stands in the integrity of combing plant medicine journeys with the support and guidance of a trusted and experienced professional.

Brionna specializes in working with both men and women who are high achievers, entrepreneurs, business owners, online coaches, and those who desire to get off of SSRI’s.

She helps you personalize a protocol that is in alignment with your goals and intentions. During your time together she:

Helps you determine where and when your protocol needs tweaking.

Guides you to deeper learnings about yourself, our thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behavior.

Supports you in marrying your ego, your shadow, and your highest self in order to become one; fully aligning to who you truly are.

Teaches you skills and tools that you can sustainable use in your daily life to increase awareness and perception of yourself.

This container includes:
  • 8-12 weekly 60 minute calls
  • 75 page microdosing tracker and journal
  • Signal support
  • Guided Meditations
  • Microdosing toolkit

Prices range from $3000-$4500. 3 Month payments plans are avaiable.



I am a very holistic person with a background in wellness, and a business that emphasizes this same lifestyle. However, I have struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life. Lyme disease, co-infections and chronic trauma has caused my system to be extremely dis-regulated. After trying nearly everything to cope with the symptoms after my son, I developed debilitating post partum depression. As a last resort I finally got on medication (Prozac then Zoloft) Although it did help initially—I did not have much emotion. My sex drive tanked, I lost interest in all my favorite activities. I no longer felt like myself. I never tried psychedelics. I was a bit nervous. My goal was to get off my SSRI but I was unsure if it would be possible. After 8 weeks with Brionna I was successfully able to get off my SSRI. Brionna was there every step of the way. What I liked was she allowed me the space to intuitively do things while creating a safe space for me to talk through emotions + providing solutions and ideas while tapering off Zoloft. I’m so happy to say I am off my medications and successfully microdosing. My relationships are growing, my business is thriving, my marriage is better than ever, my sex drive is coming back and my happiness and spark for being a mother is coming back.

—BK, health and wellness coach

 I am off my medications...


I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience Brionna's 8 week microdosing group. I felt my life and mental state shift daily in minor ways that I believe will lead to big changes in my life. I entered the group at the same time I was entering the busiest season of the year in my business. I believe the protocol and medicine helped me navigate daily stress and manage anxiety caused by work. I noticed my anxiety levels were down from years past despite deadlines and life pulling me in many directions. I went in to the group with specific goals and intentions and left pleasantly surprised by other things I learned. Brionna's group coaching style was more beneficial than many one-on-one 60 minute therapy sessions I've had with other therapists. 

—AK, musician and business owner

helped me navigate daily stress and manage anxiety

My microdosing journey with Brionna was a slow burn of awakening. As a business owner, the medicine showed me how to retain the right amount of ego to protect my values and needs. It allowed me to release my ego in situations it wasn’t needed. Brionnas guidance as a coach was incredibly helpful. She was able to help me adjust dosing and frequency as needed, and had a program full of tools and practices to aid my self discovery. I have done a lot of personal work over the last 10 years and this program was undeniably powerful, consciousness building and healing. I now run my business in ways that feel much easier than in the past.

—KC, health and wellness business owner

this program was undeniably powerful


8 week Microdosing
Group Program

This program is for the person who craves community during growth and expansion. They desire to have like minded people in the room with them to hold them accountable, support their growth, and to learn new awareness and perceptions from.

This program happens 1-2 times per quarter. And is only open to 4-5 people at a time. The intimacy of this small group setting allows for 1:1 hot seat coaching and a personalized approach.

In this group you get:
- 75 page tracker and journal to note your experiences.
- 8 60-75 minute calls
- Personalized protocol
- Tools and skills to transition/integrate your learnings with success and sustainability
- Support and guidance to get the most out of your
micro-dosing experience.
- Community
-Price is $1500. 3 month payment plan available.

Group Microdose Guidance + Mindset Coaching


I have been to 6 different therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists since I was 17. At 43 years old, I still struggle with anxiety. Over the years I have been prescribed Adderall, Zoloft, Klonopin, and Xanax. Over the last couple of years, I have had to use Zoloft again to help curb the panic attacks and intensity of my anxious symptoms. I worried about everything. Stressed about everything. I never felt like I could do enough. In the 12 weeks of working with Brionna, I have been able to get off of Zoloft. I now have healthier conversations with myself. I am showing myself love and patience and kindness. Over all my years of therapy, I was unable to find someone who could help me realize where my anxiety was coming from and how to manage it. Brionna has given me all the tools to move forward.

—CR, Stay at home mother

Brionna has given me all the tools to move forward


Mushrooms and Movement

This is a co-faciliated 30 day group program, which combines the supportive tool of microdosing psilocybin with powerful somatic movement exercises. Here Brionna co-facilitates with embodiment and breathwork specialist Shayan to help you to discover how your feminine intuition is your greatest superpower.

This one of a kind experience, they call Psilo-Somatic™ allows you to access wisdom and information from your body without your mind (ego) getting in the way. 

To learn more about Mushrooms and Movement


Brionna has created these guided meditations to help guide you into more clarity and awareness in order to connect to your emotions and thoughts more successfully. You can use these guided meditations as part of either your morning or evening routine. Please do not listen to these while driving or operating any heavy machinery.

Guided meditations

 guided mediTations for mindset

guided mediTations for emotional eating and weightloss medications for mindset

Brionna created this personal 75 page microdosing tracker and journal to help you create an intentional microdosing practice. The tracking section supports your awareness around your mental, emotional, and physical experiences. While the journal prompts provide an integration tool for deepening your self perceptions. 

Microdosing Tracker & Journal

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