Brionna was raised on a 75 acre farm in Idaho. She grew up creating adventure outdoors, surrounded herself around animals, and was always active with school sports and other extracurricular activities. She was recruited to play volleyball for California Lutheran University; where she was a collegiate athlete for 4 years. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a minor in Philosophy. She earned her Masters of Arts degree in Psychology at Phillip’s Graduate Institute.

Brionna has been licensed in the state of California as Marriage and Family Therapist for 15 years. She ran a successful private practice for 6 years, where she was an expert on Attachment and Relational Based Therapy working with families who adopted children from overseas who had both experienced trauma and were struggling to connect to their new family. 

Brionna got a divorce in 2017 and moved 2600 miles to the opposite end of the US to start over. When she moved to South Carolina, she jumped into the online coaching world as a Health and Wellness coach. Brionna worked with women on reducing their emotional eating and repairing their relationship with food, in order to lose weight. During her first year of coaching she realized that all the women she worked with were high achievers, business owners, and entrepreneurs whose work/life balance were completely out of wack! They poured into their job, family, and to-do list; leaving themselves last. So she expanded her online coaching to a much larger audience to support men and women who wanted to experience the happy and freedom they know is possible, but can’t seem to find.

Through a childhood of being bullied, using her athleticism to fuel her self esteem, the divorce, move, 3 massive losses in one year, a huge break up, homelessness, and empty bank account; Brionna couldn’t fathom how a intelligent and successful woman could get to a place this low. Through her own coaching, therapy, continuing education, and lots and lots of time spent hiking in the woods, Brionna learned how much her lack of self worth was the driving force for the self sabotage that took her further away from the things she desperately wanted.

Brionna uses her life experiences to authentically show up for her clients, while using her education and background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) to guide her clients break the mindset barriers and blocks keeping them stuck in unfulfilled in their current way of living.


What is your favorite movie?


Any Rom Com, I have watched most on repeat!

What is your fave place to let go and be free?


The mountains

Favorite food?


Corales Mexican Stand (Ventura, CA)

Where do you want to travel next?



3 Things you may not know about Brionna...


Played collegiate volleyball at California Lutheran University

Has fostered and found forever homes for 15 dogs since 2019

Was born during a huge storm and rushed out of the hospital room right before the ceiling collapsed.

What is your biggest goal this year?


To host a kick ass retreat for woman, where transformation is multiplied by 100


Dogs or Cats?

Dogs all the way…but, as an animal lover and advocate I will rescue and love any and all animals


Biggest Fear?

Being rejected


What is Brionna taking a stand for in her community?

Making spay and neuter free for everyone, and required for animals that are not certified by the AKC to do so humanely.

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