The thing about goals, is that most aren’t really willing to work towards achieving them. For most, said goal is a bright lite flame, similar to a candle. As the distractions, negative thinking, unsupportive relationships, or life challenges are allowed to get in the way, that flame begins to fade and becomes dim. And, then as it seems it will never happen again, that flame is blown out. Who is responsible for this?

I’ve realized people give up too easily. They become inflexible and over sensitive to the expectation they have for how that goal is to be achieved. The problem is, those huge goals that most dream of, take work.  Attaining those sort of goals takes sacrifice; less down time, late nights in front of a computer or being on the phone all day, waking up on hour earlier, giving up that one indulgence, saying no to a night out, maybe even changing the way you think, act, or react. Why? Because achieving that goal is worth 10x’s more than anything currently being offered to you.

I’m on a mission to live a life where I meet some pretty hefty goals. So, I thought I would share:

I am committed to growing an insanely busy private practice, I am setting the stage for speaking to large audiences of both children and other mental health workers both instructionally and motivationally, I am creating a career that allows me to travel with ease and is combined with both work and play, I am focused on reducing my debt and saving more, I am in a committed and successful relationship; the kind that is all in every day, no matter how difficult, I am a badass mother and kickass wife to a man who appreciates all aspects of me (even the bad parts) daily,  I am committed to publishing a book, I own and run a podcast which positively affects the lives of both adults and children (6-21 years of age), I am committed to my volunteer work with dogs and am creating ways to help organizations  receive more donations and funds to support their financial needs, I want to be nationally recognized…like at the top…for my business, philanthropy, or positive effects on people. This part doesn’t matter to me, other than to say that I have no reason to achieve it, than to challenge myself to do something EXTRAORDINARY!

You may see this list and think, “There is no way.” And, you may be right. But, what if…just what if you’re wrong.  I would rather die continuing to try to do the things I know that will give me great fulfillment and sense of achievement in life, than to shoot myself down before even starting. But again, that’s the thing about people and goals. Some dream of them and others actually go after them with intention. Watch my journey, or better yet, be a part of it!